By courtesy of Deichtorhallen Hamburg, SMCK Magazine’s new cover presents U.S. artist Tom Sachs’ recent installation project, namely, an interactive, staged landing on the moon, the remotest periphery (for the moment).

But isn’t the word periphery – in a wired 24/7 world – a little bit out of place?Issue no. 5

#From_Center_To_Periphery comes out in early November featuring:

• Cover Story: Tom Sachs’ „Rare Earths“ at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg_Hybrid exhbiitions change the perception of art.

• Feature_It’s the economy, artist! Competitive, global, interdisciplinary, merciless_The art market after Covid-19.

• Interview_Karl Fritsch_Wellington_I say No to projects more often now.

• Interview_The Art of Publishing_Reinhold Ludwig_ART AUREA makes a group of sensitive people happy.

• Connoisseur_Jeroen Redel_Amsterdam_Jewelry should be worn, not collected!

• Jewelry & The City_London_The Crafts Council (new) Gallery.• Jewelry Dialogues_Gian Luca Bartellone_Bolzano_Unity is strength in our times.

• Periphery and Street art_Defiant and popular.

• Insight_Athens_How did (some) Greek jewellery…

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