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Your Actions Are Pointless If No One Notices
Press workshop for artists, curators and gallerists

Jenny Holzer’s famous quote from her art series Truisms (1988) sounds cynical. However, many artists, designers, curators and gallerists work hard, but cannot reach the broader public. Unfortunately, good work (only) does not guarantee exposure, recognizability, fame, customers.

A press review is a giant step towards opportunities and success.
Meaningful and exciting reviews of an artist’s work bring prestige and, eventually, new contacts.
Press reviews are also considered “letters of recommendation”, enrich an artist’ s biography, and are essential for applying for a grant, funding, award or sponsoring.
Press reports support the artist’s or gallerist’s PR strategies by expanding the circle of people reached.

Press – digital and print – is newspapers, news blogs, magazines read by the specialized or the general public.
Press shapes public opinion on a matter (politics, society, economy, art, sports…

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