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Potato as a carrier of human history

Text and work by Elin Flognman.

My work is to ‘twist and turn’ everyday objects. Through a mind-hand collaboration I wish to emphasize the magic which is to be found in the mundane. ‘Every day’ and ‘the plain’ are parts of life often put in the shadow of partying and extravaganza. My motto is Every Day Matters.

Potato is a great part of my work. Potato as a culture crop reflects human history and can through this quality illustrate much of our endeavors. For example, in our future plans regarding the colonization of other planets, one of the first questions which arise is Can we grow potatoes?

The potatoes for WERT/voll were made using materials such as wood, bio resin, a product made from industrial waste, pigment from second hand porcelain painting pigment, potato starch, through which the potato makes a potato again. Using materials that surrounds me inspires and frames my technique.


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