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Pressed jewellery keeps colors, memories, history nicely stored

Text and work by Ludwig Menzel. Photo credit: Briquets – 3 Brooches, 2019_Konrad Jünger. 

All this jewellery! All these drawers and boxes full of old chains, pendants, bracelets, rings, baptism spoons and tie pins – inherited, passed on, received as a present.

Jewellery as a hoard of decades of family history. Jewellery having no emotional value; perhaps it never had any. Costume jewellery and false feathers, the sins of a youth when everything seemed possible. Rings promising freedom.

At the end, we are left with jewellery which is feeling tired: it has been worn for a long time and now its mission is served. It is impossible to throw it away. Its material value: insignificant.

Presses make room in our world. Discarded vehicles become cute metal packages. Cubes of scrap stuck on top of each other like those in a junk yard, metal walls with idiosyncratic inner workings. Colors, memories, history.

Old jewelry has now a new form. It is compact; handy packed, pressed. Finally! 



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