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The project addresses jewelry authors, artists working in the field of applied arts and fashion, and designers or crafters who focus on renewable or recyclable or ethical materials or waste or conceptual art and immaterial ideas.Participants may choose between a physical residency or an e-residency.


If our civilization dies in a nuclear accident or war, how will it reemerge?

The cradle of democracy, art, and philosophy, Athens, a city continuously inhabited since Copper Age, may give artists important clues to answer the question. Athens is an open-air museum: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Bavarian monuments and sites are part of the modern city, contributing to its fascinating urban energy.

Athens is the ideal place to think about how culture will be reborn under the current pressure of war, financial crisis, climate change, energy considerations, globalization challenges, new collective identities, and 21st-century ethics.


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