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Brooching Atomium

Work and text by Peter Vermandere. Photo credit: Freestyle Atomics Brooch_01 by Sigrid Eggers. In 2007, as part of an artistic project, I was offered an original panel from the Atomium (the iconic Expo ’58 building in Brussels) which was at the time being restaurated. LINK:

Till the tide slowly reverts them to sand

Text and work: Doerthe Fuchs. …. It was not an impressionistic illusion . At this point the seabed was indeed full of brightly colored pieces of glass … rejected from the glass blowers …more easily thrown out of the window and into the sea than retuned to the furnac.Left to the tide and slowly reverting …

Just one more… (recycled love letter)

Text and work: Lital Mendel, Israel. Collection name: Just one more… Repetitive patterns have always fascinated me. The methodical recurrence of a single element, as a building block for a bigger structure, has a powerful effect which grows the more the unit is used. Every piece of jewelry is made of hundreds of units. At …