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Open call: Metamorphoses_ eResidency & Exhibition Project Jewelry/ Object/Video/Performance

Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
The group show Metamorphoses will be shown from 24 February – 2 April 2022 at Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein Gallery in Munich during Schmuck 2022, accompanied by a LIVE online presentation. The group show follows an intensive e-Residency including three online workshops between July and September 2021, as well as individual coaching…



Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
Photo credit: Courtesy of Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation / Tom Stamati Xenakis / Christoph Ziegler In 2021, Greece celebrates the 200th anniversary of its War of Independence from the Othoman Empire. The Greek struggle inspired 19th-century artists and intellectuals, such as Lord Byron and Eugène Delacroix, and breached the anti-liberal European…

FLYING CIRCUS_Join us online

Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM: Panem et circenses_Αρτος και θεαματα – το μυστικό επιτυχίας πλειάδας Ρωμαιων αυτοκρατορων συμπληρωνε ο αγραφος νομος ότι στον ιπποδρομο – circus romanus – επιτρεπετο ακομα και να στολιζεις τον αυτοκρατορα με κοσμητικά που στην παραδοση της Ελευσινας ηταν γνωστά ως *γεφυρισμοί*. Αγαπημένο θεμα των Γερμανών εικαστικών, ανυμπορων, αλλα όχι…