FLYING CIRCUS // CAROUSEL OPEN CALL for video advertorials – Schmuck 2021

Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
Uncertainty over Schmuck 2021 forces us to become proactive. It is highly possible that no weeks or fairs will take place before autumn 2021, as long as EU Covid-19 restrictions prevail. Digital and online presentations are here to stay. They are cheaper, faster and audience integrative. They may catapult jewellery…


Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
Loukia wears “St.Barbara” and stands between two Georgions., while Christoph wears Sticks&Bones and stands between two sculptured Dionyssus. Join us tomorrow at the “Flying Circus”_Our Saturnalia/Christmas e-show REGISTER here for ZOOM meeting:…/tZMoceisqzksHt1QjwV…and click on link to buy one or more lots à 12,00 euro each: Η Λουκία φοραει την…

SM*CK Magazine launches video series on jewellery and covers Schmuck 2021

Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
SM*CK Magazine, a quarterly print and online periodical published by ZLR Betriebsimperium, launches a weekly video series on jewellery, crafts, politics and the economy. The videos – in English and Greek – are posted on youtube channel: FaveLAB Athens ( ) SM*CK issue number 3 #Munich_2021 is dedicated to…

Flying Circus eShow + Xmas Lottery

Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
You are cordially invited to attend LIVE the e-Show “Flying Circus” presenting work by Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards. We will screen videos that illustrate the meaning and use of our jewelry, give an interactive Tarot reading, offer special gifts at special prices, and draw the 12 winning lots of…

HELEN OF SPARTA eResidency_Towards Munich 2021

Originally posted on ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM:
Intensive 4-day virtual residency + workshop + public presentation for visual, multimedia and interdisciplinary artists, jewelry and fashion designers or writers who work with textile art, story telling, mythology, performance The eResidency includes the option for participants to show their work during SCHMUCK/ Munich Jewelry Week_March 2021 and via online…

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