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The very word rejection spreads dread through the art world. Rejection looms over every step the artist takes on their journey; every application for exposure, funding, or support sows the seed of potential rejection. Every inch forward toward success and fame is paved with tears and – not rarely – self-doubt about one’s merit and talent.

However, being unsuccessful in gaining recognition may trigger the determination to walk a road less traveled – and probably more alluring. Rejection forces us to reflect on our true potential and question what our mission in life really is.

SMCK Magazine’s issue #8 titled „Rejected/Approved“ is too important to miss. This is why we invite SMCK readers to download a digital copy free of charge during the jewelry industry’s major meeting Schmuck 2023, the jewelry week of Munich (6 to 12 March 2023).

The SMCK Magazine’s highlights include:

“I’ve been rejected and I bounced…

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