Following the successful première at Schmuck 2022, SMCK On Reel presents a new mix of videos inspired by jewelry and applied art at Grassimesse Leipzig 2022. 

More than 60 international artists and designers, galleries, and institutions presented their videos in SMCK ON REEL Munich during Schmuck (Galerie Weltraum and Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, 7-16 July 2022). The following Open Call invites artists, designers, crafters and institutions working with jewelry, textile, glass, ceramics, metal, furniture, toys, fashion etc. to participate in the Second Edition of SMCK ON REEL at Grassimesse Leipzig, 20-23 October 2022.

With five prestigious awards, strong commitment to the crafts through its purchasing program, about 10.000 visitors, and its high standards for quality, Grassimesse Leipzig, Europe’s oldest fair of applied arts, stands beyond competition in the creative sector.

Join SMCK ON REEL LEIPZIG featuring videos by Karl Fritsch, DIVA Museum Antwerpen, Jeannie Lee/Pureun Culture Foundation, Akademie Für Gestaltung Munich, Legnica…

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