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Photo: Scene from “Point of no return”, video by jewelry artist Yurii Plekhanov


The war in Ukraine affects us all. SMCK ON REEL video festival invites eight Ukrainian jewellery artists to show their videos on life, war, faith and art creation in the top jewelry events of Germany: at “Schmuck” jewelry week of Munich  (7-10 July 2022) and during Grassimesse at Grassi Museum Leipzig (20-23 October 2022). 

SMCK ON REEL is proud to present videos by jewellery artists: Serhii Hranievych, Sergey Zhernov, Yurii Plekhanov, Denis Music, Svyatoslav Nikitenko, Tetiana Chorna and Volodymyr Yarmusevich, Vadym Mykolaenko, Lena Yastreb.

Their video themes range from the spiritual experience of cameo engraving to the daily presence of war and death, from the disruption of creativity to the consolidation of one’s own identity, from the social metamorphosis through Covid-19 to the resolution to resist the invasion, from the beauty of Ukranian landscape to ancient rituals to connect with…

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