A photo narrative workshop and exhibition project inspired by art jewellery.

Galerie Weltraum, Munich_7-10 July 2022_Schmuck 2022

Application deadline: Sunday, 17 April 2022

Is it possible to express art jewellery’s intrepid and experimental spirit, boldness and innovation, social and political engagement by using the same visual language established luxury houses or mass production brands use?

Art jewellery differs from high-end or industrial jewellery in concept, material, purpose, meaning, production, marketing.

However, art jewellery photography often uses similar standards or clichés.

Objects shot against white or black background or worn by a smiling or frowning model may look nice; but they reveal nothing about the artist’s philosophy. 

Compared to the expensive advertisement campaigns of established brands, art jewellery styling often uses a visual language it masters poorly, thus its message is “lost in translation”; it does not reach the public, Press, industry experts or recruiters. Art jewellery is brave; art jewellery…

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