WAR_ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ, 11-14 March 2020_WELTRAUM Gallery_Rumfordstraße 26, Munich.
The project is funded by City of Munich.
Concept and curation: Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards.
Schmuck München/ Jewelry Week Munich 2020
Πόλεμος πάντων μὲν πατήρ ἐστι, πάντων δὲ βασιλεύς. / War is the father of all and king of all; and some he shows as gods, others as men, some he makes slaves, others free.
Weapons and jewellery are more connected to each other than most people think; metallury and goldsmithing, two crafts developed in Copper Age Europe, contributed to establishing social hierarchies. In archaic societies, weapons and jewellery are objects guaranteeing real or talismanic protection and reflecting prestige and power. Possessing knowledge, wisdom, kindness – immaterial assets praised by innumerable myths and doctrines in all cultures – can, nevertheless, turn any leader mastering the art of war and magic into a pacifist or ascete!
The exhibition project „WAR-ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ“ focuses on…

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