Intensive 4-Day Jewellery Workshop in Athens, Greece.



Intensive Four-Day Jewellery Workshop in Athens, Greece
Inspiration, Concept, Design, Communication
Total: 30 hours

The Workshop is chaired by Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards.

The Workshop includes

• A Concise Cultural History of Objects and Jewellery
• From Story Telling to Inspiration & Design
• Performance. Theory, development and practice
• Curated visit at the Acropolis UNESCO site. Lecture in situ on „The compatibility of politics, spirituality and art“
• Curated visit at selected collections of the National Archaeological Museum. Lecture in situ on: „Struggle, Power, Death and Jewellery“
• Curated visit at the Dafni Monastery UNESCO site. Lecture in situ on „Militant art“
• Curated visit at the Eleusina sanctuary and Museum. Lecture in situ on „Death, bliss and the mysteries of eternal return“
• Communication, PR and Promotional Strategies. Theory, examples, exercises
• Presentation (Photography tips, styling, exhibition design, social media). Examples and exercises

Workshop dates: Thu 9…

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