My work aims at making societal paradoxes visible

Text: Nicole Taubinger, Czech Republic. Work and picture: “Kateřina Olivová goes to the opera”_Necklace “Our Container”, ground and unground precious plastic, Nicole Taubinger, 2019. Performance artist: Kateřina Olivová Photography: Barbora Trnková. Make-up design: Sara Wollasch.

I use objects of every day use, those which surround us everywhere, yet have become invisible to us. I set them into a new context to make them visible again, and to refer to societal paradoxes I observe in the world we live today.

Of Czech and Slovak origin, Nicole was born in Munich in 1972, and grew up in St.Heinrich, Bavaria. She studied Metalsmithing and Jewelry at the University of Oregon at Eugene, USA, and worked as a goldsmith for several years. Today she lives and works as an artist in Brno, and Prague, Czech Republic, and since 2013 entirely uses plastic waste as her language of communication.

Her main interest lies in drawing a link between the field of art jewelry, and other mediums, such as performance, installation, conceptual, and social art.

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