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Text and work: Daniel von Weinberger, Belgium.

Photo: Red Lolita, 2019. Daniel von Weinberger.

I heard the New York stand-up comedian Stephen Wright’s words, “I was walking down the street, wearing eyeglasses, when the prescription ran out” and as usual when I’m challenged, had a creative volcanic eruption.  I made a small collection, as is my habit.  

I see challenges as an exercise, starting from the subject until exhausting all of the possibilities and inspiration.  I saw here, seeing and not seeing, changing, breaking and building, tearing and sewing as elements to work with.  
And like always I worked in the Readymade, Recycling, Lowbrow/Highbrow and Art, Kitsch and Camp domain.  Elevating junk to a new Poetic Treasure. 

I put the spectacle-masks, which can’t be seen through, on my own white-bearded, sun tanned and bald male tronie.  That made me the performer in my own installation. The crazy clown aspect came out even stronger in the pictures, showing the laugh, the tear, the fun and the pain. 

There is, among others, the pair of Red Hearts Lolita sunglasses bought on the boardwalk in Venice Beach California, tied together with red Cordonet thread so you can barely peep through them, with the “blood” thread-on-needle tears as the finishing touch.  
There is also the Prescription piece, which has the opposite effect than for what it was intended.  The hazily printed prescription shows the numbers and symbols which, if made into lenses for glasses, would help you see better.  But here, there’s a piece of cardboard sewn in front of your eyes so you can’t see anything at all.


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